In this week’s roundup, learn how to leverage machine learning (ML) ad tools and how artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming the healthcare industry. Understand how AI is being accelerated by light and how ML is being used to develop new technologies 40,000 faster than normal. Finally, find out about the law that was recently past to boost AI research.

11 Of The Smartest Ways To Leverage Machine Learning Ad Tools

By Forbes Agency Council for

Machine learning models can be invaluable tools for ad agencies. Using ML to train the AI on what works and what doesn’t allows the agency to create systems specifically designed to provide more accurate predictive feedback. This results in optimized advertising guided by real numbers. This article highlights some ways that agencies can leverage ML ad tools to create ads that will reach target customers accurately and efficiently.


Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

by Washington Post Live for

From ML to robotics to wearable sensors used to detect disease, AI is transforming the healthcare industry. It helps to reduce drug dosage errors, streamline diagnosis, detect fraud, and provide efficient solutions for some of health care’s greatest challenges. Washington Post Live is hosting a discussion with some of the nation’s top thinkers in the medical data analytics space. Learn more and register to listen in.


Artificial Intelligence Accelerated By Light

By Huaqiang Wu & Qionghai Dai, contributing writers for

The increasing volume of data in society introduces challenges for the electronic computing hardware used in AI in terms of computing speed and power consumption. This causes a bottleneck for AI. However, photonic processors that accelerate AI processing by harnessing the distinctive properties of light  could inspire a renaissance of  optical computing. Learn how this could take computing to the next level.


Advanced Materials in a Snap

By DOE/Sandia National Laboratories for

Thanks to ML, designing materials for new, advanced technologies could accelerate by 40,000 times. A research team has successfully used ML computer algorithms to complete cumbersome materials science calculations much faster than normal. This could result in a great acceleration in the creation of new technologies for optics, aerospace, energy storage, and potentially medicine… all while saving laboratories money and computing costs.


U.S. Law Sets Stage For Boost to Artificial Intelligence Research

By Jeffrey Mervis, contributing writer for

The National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Act (NAIIA) became law last week. This law aims to increase AI activities at more than a dozen agencies. Part of this effort includes a study of how to create a national research cloud, an expansion of a network of research institutes, and the creation of a White House AI office and an advisory committee to monitor efforts. Learn about how this will be utilized, expected challenges, and more.



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