Employ these approaches to improving operations in your organization, they will not only help your business run more successfully but will also help turn employee attrition into retention. Also, read how luxury brands are using big data and why you should follow their lead. Plus, are these data science resolutions on your list? 

Operations Research Analyst: The Fastest-Growing Job You’ve Never Heard Of 

By Ed Rothberg, contributing writer for Forbes.com 

As the world continues to gather mountains of data, we need math-minded people to help us make sense of it all. Therefore, it’s no surprise that demand for mathematics professionals is on the rise— second only to healthcare. 


Using advanced analytics to turn attrition into retention 

By Doug Mehl, Azaz Faruki and Joseph Ehinger contributing writers for Scmr.com 

Employee attrition is a major pain point across supply chains, disrupting operations, undercutting companies’ increasingly expensive investments in recruitment and training, and forcing the employees who stay into a never-ending scramble to fulfill their goals. It’s a scenario that fuels further attrition. In fact, many supply chain executives tell us that employee attrition is now their single biggest operational challenge. 


How are luxury brands using big data for benefit in 2022?  

By Aishwarya Banik, contributing writer for Analyticinsight.net 

Big data, which refers to the technology and procedures that are used to gather, analyze, and provide actionable insights from massive volumes of consumer data, is changing the luxury industry. This data is divided into two categories: structured and unstructured. 


10 big data and analytics resolutions for 2022 

By Mary Shacklett, contributing writer for Techrepublic.com 

2022 will be a watershed year for big data, AI and analytics, with more companies expecting tangible business results. But from IT’s vantage point, there is still much work to be done. Here are 10 New Year’s big data resolutions for IT. 


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