This week we’ve included articles jam-packed with actionable strategies, resources, and information! We update you on Google’s recent announcement that augmented reality is now included in search results—and what that means for marketers. We define seven technologies you need to know for artificial intelligence. We cover seven methods to improve donor retention with the help of technology. We provide a list of resources that will help you get hands-on with machine learning. And finally, we examine how CMOs must not only excel as marketers but also as technologists. 

Augmented Reality in Google Search: Everything You Need to Know

by Chiradeep BasuMallick, contributing writer for

It was only a matter of time until marketers would start having to factor in Augmented Reality (AR) to their marketing approach. Google announced in May that AR is now a prominent feature in Google search results. The latest addition to the quickly growing multimedia search results options. Even if you’re not using AR in your marketing, there are still ways you can factor this shift into your marketing mix, including website design, SEO, and content strategies. Learn how. 


7 Technologies You Need to Know for Artificial Intelligence

by Jennifer Davis, contributing writer for

Machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer vision, natural language processing, deep learning, oh my! With so many different terms for this rapidly growing technology, it’s easy to get confused about what each term actually means. This helpful article takes a few steps back and defines seven key terms and technologies–including both their relationship and differences to each other–that you need to know.


7 Methods to Improve Donor Retention With Fundraising Tech 

by Jay Love, contributing writer for

Donor retention is key for nonprofit fundraising success. And it’s finally becoming a top-of-mind subject for fundraisers and boards. Technology can help. From data-driven, relevant content to segmentation to engagement scoring, there’s something for everyone. This article highlights the top seven technology-related methods to improve donor retention that every organization engaged in fundraising can implement. 


How to Get Hands-On with Machine Learning

by Lisa Morgan, contributing writer for 

Do you want to understand the capabilities and limitations of machine learning, but don’t know where to start? Start here. In order to communicate more effectively on the subject, you should have a conceptual understanding. But you have to get hands on in order to do so. Here, you’ll find a short list of resources for beginners, with insight into their requirements and value. We love articles that are jam-packed with valuable, actionable resources. And this one is no exception. 


Today’s CMOs Must Be Technologists

by Dale Traxler, contributing writer for 

Times have changed. CMOs can’t be all about brand anymore. The truth is, the line between CMO and CIO is blurred, as half of technology implementations are ‘owned’ and executed by marketing. The ability to choose the right tech and leverage it to enable an amazing customer experience and achieve the CEO’s goals is now a make-or-break job requirement. CMOs must be a technologist that works closely with their CIO peer to execute initiatives together. It is the CMO’s job to spot the next big thing in martech, vet it, and put it to work for their organization.



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