In this week’s roundup, build your AI leadership brain trust by understanding AI and machine learning concepts. Next, AI’s impact on automated shipping logistics and the forestry supply chain. Lastly, discover key success factors for enterprise machine learning projects. 

Understanding AI And Machine Learning Concepts To Build Your AI Leadership Brain Trust

By Cindy Gordon, contributing writer for 

This blog is a continuation of the Building AI Leadership Brain Trust Blog Series which targets board directors and CEO’s to accelerate their duty of care to develop stronger skills and competencies in AI in order to ensure their AI programs achieve sustaining results. 


AI and automated shipping logistics 

By Jori Hamilton, contributing writer for 

In the wake of COVID-19, all kinds of technological processes have been considered in an attempt to make up for supply chain complications and labor challenges. In this unstable environment, artificial intelligence has been instrumental in streamlining shipping logistics to accommodate the new normal, and the implications of this tech are widespread.  


Transforming the Forestry Supply Chain with Optimization and AI 

By Elliott Sullivan, contributing writer for 

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies are revolutionizing supply chains across the globe, enabling companies to increase efficiency and margins by learning from data collected hour after hour, day after day. For forestry, this provides a transformational opportunity to complement existing planning practices based on prescriptive optimization modeling. It also has the potential to become a new and vital best practice in operational forest planning. By leveraging AI/ML predictive algorithms, companies can generate and improve the data they use to create optimization models, leading to a continuous improvement cycle that results in better business outcomes. 


Success Factors for Enterprise Machine Learning Projects 

By Constance Drugeot, contributing writer for 

Over the past ten years, the aggregate threat of the newly arrived digital-native market disruptors has proven to be serious enough to push some of the big incumbents off the cliff and cause severe revenue losses to many others. 


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