Could AI find alien life faster than humans, and would it tell us?

By Keith Cooper, contributing writer for

Machine-learning algorithms are transforming the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, finding candidate signals faster and better than ever before, but the development of artificial general intelligence could complicate contact.


5 ways brands can better use data analytics

By Mauricio Vianna, contributing writer for

Data analysis is prevalent in every industry, but data is often used for backward-looking analysis to measure performance rather than building analytics dashboards that drive future initiatives. This means that the majority of organizations aren’t making use of data they’ve already gathered. There’s untapped value in re-engineering data points to help your organization better understand its target audience, which can make marketing programs more effective at converting new customers and lead to customers with higher brand engagement and higher lifetime value.


Why the future of artificial intelligence in hybrid?

By Techfunnel Author, contributing writers for

Over the past several weeks, the flurry of new generative AI products and capabilities — from ChatGPT to Bard and numerous variations from others built around large language models (LLMs) — has created an excessive hype cycle. However, many argue that these generalized models are unsuitable for enterprise use. Most AI engines show signs of struggling when assigned niche or domain-specific tasks. Could hybrid AI be the answer?


Machine learning provides a clearer window into ocean motion

By Sarah Stanley, contributing writer for

Oceanographers use satellites to peer down at Earth and measure the elevation of the ocean’s surface. This information can help them map the circulation of the ocean’s currents and understand the role this movement plays in heat transport and climate change. Launched in late 2022, the Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) satellite can take snapshots of sea surface heights at a finer scale than ever before possible—tens of kilometers instead of hundreds.


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