This week’s roundup discusses the importance of business intelligence, how AI is transforming business intelligence into actionable insights, and the difference between data scientists and data engineers.

The Importance of Business Intelligence

by Anuja Lath, Co-Founder & CEO of RedAlkemi Online Pvt. Ltd., featured on BBN Times

How does business intelligence work? BI is a technology-driven process that involves various steps: data mining, analytical processing, querying and reporting. But why is it important? When implemented effectively, BI can help increase customer satisfaction, boost ROI, reduce and manage risks, increase efficiency, and help businesses gain a competitive edge.


How Is AI Transforming Business Intelligence Into Actionable Intelligence?

by Hemanth Kumar, Practice Head at Acuvate Software, featured on Analytics Insight

You’re investing immense time, effort and resources into capturing data from a variety of sources, which includes hefty investments. However, this unstructured data does not serve any purpose, unless it is made actionable. This is where artificial intelligence (AI) plays a key role. What it does is transform data into insights that are easy to understand and consume, and it does so at scale.


Data Scientist versus Data Engineer: How are they different?

by Jane Thomson, Content Marketing Manager at GreyCampus, featured on MarTech Advisor

Data exists everywhere. In the current era of technology, digital data is expanding exponentially in the digital universe. Lately, much has been written about the different areas of data science roles, particularly the difference between data engineers and data scientists. So, what exactly is the difference?



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