This week, we learn how to best prepare for the California Consumer Privacy Act and how to make the most out of your nonprofit donor data. We consider how artificial intelligence (AI) can help optimize your social media campaigns. And finally, we explore many overlooked ways to leverage machine learning (ML) for advertising. 

There’s No Opting Out of the California Consumer Privacy Act

by Jung-Kyu McCann, contributing writer for 

The January 1, 2020 deadline is nearing, which will be the start of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). This is the most comprehensive U.S. data privacy law to date. It is up to executive teams to ensure their companies are in compliance and prepared for what’s to come for data privacy. Some organizations overhauled and up-leveled their data governance to comply with GDPR standards, but others simply pushed off compliance by sandboxing their European data. While this may have been a good idea at the time, it may not be enough for CCPA compliance.


Make the Most Out of Your Donor Data: 4 Tips

by Sarah Tedesco, contributing writer for

Donors are the most important people in your organization. After all, they’re the reason that you have the influence and funds to make an impact. In order to build and maintain good relationships with your donors, you need to get to know them. This will enable you to personalize the giving process, making them feel appreciated and valued. Here are four practices that will allow you to learn to leverage your donor data in order to get the most out of your database.


How AI Can Help to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Campaigns

by Shane Barker, contributing writer for

Social media can be an effective channel for your marketing campaigns. But it has now evolved into advertising channels, publishing platforms, online stores, and educational centers. And keeping track of key metrics across each social marketing channel can get overwhelming. Enter AI. You can leverage AI to optimize your social media marketing campaigns, from predicting online trends to answering customer questions. Learn a few ways you can use AI to make your social media campaigns more effective.


11 Often-Overlooked Ways To Leverage Machine Learning For Advertising 

by an Expert Panel, Forbes Agency Council for 

We’ve seen so many examples of how artificial intelligence is being used in so many industries. And in advertising, it can be used as a way to supply actionable insights. Machine learning ad tools can create ads and use insights generated from their creation to alter the next execution. This is a fairly common tool that is being used, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. Eleven contributors to Forbes Agency Council look at the lesser-used ways businesses can leverage machine learning advertising. 



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