Machine learning baby monitor prevents the hunger games

By Dan Maloney, contributing writer for

Newborn babies can be tricky to figure out, especially for first-time parents. Despite the abundance of unsolicited advice proffered by anyone who ever had a baby before — and many who haven’t — most new parents quickly get in sync with the baby’s often ambiguous signals. But [Caleb] took his observations of his newborn a step further and built a machine-learning hungry baby early warning system that’s pretty slick.


How AI and decision intelligence are changing the way we work

By Ofir Paldi, contributing writer for

In a digital world fueled by a steady influx of data, achieving organizational excellence depends on giving everyone immediate access to accurate, up-to-date information. Organizational-wide communication and collaboration are vital. Mission-critical decisions, in particular, depend on the timely sharing of lessons learned and insights from all departments.


The promise of machine learning democratization

By Altair, contributing writers for

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) were once concepts relegated to only the most optimistic observers, much like self-driving electric vehicles and smartphones once were. But if it isn’t obvious, the times have changed. Today, machine learning and AI—along with the immensely powerful data collection and analytics tools that power those processes—are a mainstay of modern life. Every day, people interact with products and services powered by some of the world’s most groundbreaking technology. In retail, social media and telecommunications, finance, architecture, manufacturing, aerospace, and more, machine learning and AI are informing, impacting, and shaping the present and future.


How machine learning is transforming data center management

By Industry Trends, contributing writers for

As racks start to fill with ASICs, GPUs, FPGAs, and supercomputers, machine learning and artificial intelligence have entered the data center and are transforming how the hyperscale server farm looks.


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