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Analytic Process Automation | A Case Study with Livable Communities

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle Marketing Analytics, Nonprofit, Predictive Analytics

The Client Roughly 90 percent of adults age 65 or older, want to “age in place” in their homes and their communities. They want to remain close to their children and grandkids. Such connections are not just nice to have — they actually contribute to the health and well-being of older adults. AARP Livable Communities supports the efforts of neighborhoods, …

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Advanced Analytics for Nonprofit Fundraising | A Case Study with PWNA

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle Marketing Analytics, Nonprofit, Predictive Analytics

The Client Partnership With Native Americans (PWNA) is a nonprofit organization committed to championing hope for a brighter future for Native Americans living on remote, isolated and impoverished reservations. Collaborating for more than 25 years with their reservation partners, PWNA provides consistent aid and services for Native Americans with the highest need in the U.S. Much of their work centers …

Why You Should Care About Advanced Analytics

Gary Robinson Education, Insights, Marketing Analytics, Predictive Analytics

Are you responsible for ensuring your company or group is profitable and growing?  If yes, then I assume you already understand the value and importance of using analytics.  However, what you may not know is the difference between advanced analytics and non-advanced or simple analytics.   Clarifying the distinction between these two analytic approaches is the goal of this article.    At …

Guest Post | Marketing Automation Fatigue Might be Destroying Your Database. Here’s How to Stop It.

Jonathon Pavoni Insights, Marketing Analytics

This is a guest post by our friends over at HubSpot. As the consuming public starts demanding more information about the products and services that they purchase, marketing automation software becomes a necessary tool for marketers in every industry. This software allows practitioners the ability to communicate to a large and diverse group of prospects over a specific amount of …

The Role of Spreadsheets (“Small Data”) in Marketing Analytics

Steve Ludwig Marketing Analytics

Cloud based solutions open new analytic possibilities for marketing leaders in the organization of analytic data. According to…. 89% of sales and marketing professionals believe data quality drives the right B2B campaigns. Only 11% are confident in their organizations’ data quality. Data must organized before shifting strategy. Marketing AI requires standardization and merging of spreadsheet data. The key to …

3 Ways Colleges Can Use Data Analytics to Improve the Admissions Process

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle Education, Insights, Marketing Analytics, Predictive Analytics

Ask any high school senior applying for college—the pressure can be brutal. And while students worry if their SAT scores and extracurricular activities are enough to get them accepted, colleges and universities are facing an altogether different dilemma. When the common app became popular around ten years ago, students were suddenly able to apply to more schools without expending much …

the right data analytics tool for the job

The Right Marketing Data Analytics Tool for the Job

Gary Robinson Marketing Analytics

You don’t realize what the right tool for the job is until you’ve used one or more of the wrong ones. For customer insights (CI) professionals, there is an endless number of data analytics tools that claim to be the one and only tool for the job. And with new tools being released on a daily basis, it’s hard to …

How Machine Learning Helps Agencies Improve Their Services and Performance

Andrea Steffes-Tuttle Insights, Machine Learning, Marketing Analytics, Predictive Analytics

Marketers are under greater pressure than ever to optimize, measure, and ultimately predict outcomes of their efforts. Marketers working in an agency environment, serving clients, who are measured on the success of campaigns and dependent on that success to drive client renewals feel that pressure even more intensely. Many marketers have figured out the measurement of marketing programs—most agencies can …