This week, we discuss the impact of convergence on IT strategies. We learn the difference between prescriptive analytics and artificial intelligence, and how they work together. We define what a data management platform is, and learn things to take into consideration when deciding if implementing one for your business is right for you. And finally, we consider three ways AI and machine learning can transform the world of prospecting.

The Impact of Convergence on IT Strategies

by Lisa Morgan, contributor for

“The latest emerging technology will change everything and solve all of your problems.” We constantly see it in headlines and industry news. But no technology can drive business success independently. It must operate within the context of the organization’s IT ecosystem. Technologies must converge. And they can do so by building platforms that are flexible and capable enough to work across different emerging technologies and apply them as necessary to their applications.


Prescriptive Analytics vs. Artificial Intelligence

by Kristian Mihali, contributing writer for

Do you know the difference between prescriptive analytics and artificial intelligence? We hear so much about both, but it can be difficult to truly understand the roles that each play. Both are becoming necessary to help businesses solve their problems, but neither one is capable enough on its own to do so. Learn the difference, and how the two can be used together to alter the way enterprises function today.


Acronym or Imperative: What is a DMP and Do I Need One?

by Daniella Harkins, contributing writer for

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) allow businesses to aggregate disparate data from multiple sources like emails, website activity, ad exposure, and mobile apps to tie it to other sources to provide a single customer ID for paid media. Marketers are able to derive insights from that unified data set, build audiences, distribute to digital partners, optimize, and measure campaigns. Sounds like a no brainer, right? Well, this technology has been very slowly adopted. Learn why this is the case and the considerations to take into account when deciding whether or not your organization needs a DMP.


Three Ways AI and Machine Learning Can Transform The World Of Prospecting

by Prasanth Baccasam, contributing writer for 

The needs of consumers are evolving, and prospecting is more than a transactional marketing process. Through social media, combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning, businesses can communicate with their consumers individually to nurture the customer. This article explores three ways to leverage AI and ML to enable businesses to prospect, personalize outreach, and ethically engage with customers.



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