Machine learning could help scientists understand why birds are eating plastic

By Josh Davis, contributing writer for

Seabirds in the Pacific Ocean are eating plastic and feeding it to their chicks. But we know precious little about why the birds are doing this.


AI versus geology: how is machine learning changing it?

By Ellen Phiddian, contributing writer for

As with just about every other field, AI and machine learning has been making waves in geology. So is it helpful, or hype? And is it likely to put any geologists out of their jobs?


Smart gating: how American Airlines is using machine learning to reduce taxi times by 20%

By Molly Russell, contributing writer for

US legacy carrier American Airlines is the latest airline to join the Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution that’s shaping the future of airport operations. Ahead of this year’s holiday travel peak, the airline has launched a machine learning-based system to streamline the taxiing process.


Anticipating market shifts with supply chain predictive analytics

By Amy Groden-Morrison, contributing writer for

Predictive analytics has become indispensable for anticipating and adapting to market shifts. This advanced approach involves leveraging a blend of historical and current data and sophisticated analytics techniques to forecast future market trends, consumer behavior, and potential supply chain disruptions. According to the 2021 MHI Annual Industry Report, 31 percent of supply chain managers already use predictive and prescriptive analytics for enhanced efficiency.


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