This week, learn how to manage your customer data intelligently. Get four steps to tidy up data disarray to allow for effective fundraising efforts. Find out six ways that machine learning will revolutionize the education sector. And, examine five marketing technology trends of 2019.

Manage Your Customer Data Intelligently: Customer Data Management (CDM) Part 2

by Indrajeet Deshpande, contributor for

Customer data management is a vast and important subject area. This article series aims to cover the necessities to get you started. In this second installment of Customer Data Management basics (we covered the first installment here), you’ll learn about utilities of data-driven marketing and analytics platforms, data enrichment, customer intelligence platforms, and CDM best practices and platforms. It’s great information for a general overview or a refresher.


Is Data Disarray Hurting Your Fundraising Efforts? Get 4 Easy Steps to Tidy Up.

by Pat Farrell, contributor for

Your donor database–like your closets and drawers–gets cluttered and outdated. Every year, 25-30 percent of data goes bad, causing ineffective fundraising, poor response, and lost donors. This free ebook, “Tidy Up Using the Melissa Method,” outlines four easy steps to clean your data. Re-engage lost donors, improve response and increase donations.


6 Ways Machine Learning Will Revolutionize The Education Sector

by Matthew Lynch, contributor for

Machine learning has so many amazing applications for all types of industries. Some are quicker to adopt this powerful technology than others. Some ‘old school’ educators have a hard time getting used to machines having the ability to think and learn. But there so many ways that machine learning can be used in the education space to aid in delivering the best results possible. Here are just six examples of how machine learning can revolutionize the education sector.


Marketing Technology Trends in 2019

by Kag Katumba for

There’s always so much going on in the world of marketing technology. Most of our inboxes are flooded with new companies and technology, promising great success. So much so, that it’s sometimes hard to know where to focus your attention on and what to adopt into your mix. Here are five trends to look closely at and consider this year. Find out whether or not technologies like voice, video, machine learning, and more make the cut.



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