This week’s roundup breaks down big data for beginners, looks at trends in machine learning, identifies the most in-demand skills for data scientists in 2018, and discusses how nonprofits are using predictive analytics to maximize fundraising campaign ROI.

Big Data Basics for Tech Beginners

featured on Dataconomy, by Alexander Bekker, Database and BI Solutions Expert

Big data is evolving as more and more businesses see its benefits. However, research clearly shows a lack of big data experts. It’s time to bridge this gap by educating the next wave of tech beginners. To pave your way into the big data world, it’s important to get a strong grasp of the basics first.


Data Science and Machine Learning: Trends Driving Wider Acceptance of ML Decisions

by Dick Weisinger, Senior Vice President and Chief Technologist at Formtek

While Machine Learning is making a big impact across different industries, the fact is that less than ten percent of all companies say that they’ve made any investment in it at all.  ML technology is evolving quickly, and as it does, the impact and application of ML techniques are expected to increase rapidly.


Top Skills Data Scientists Need To Learn in 2018

by Daniel Gutierrez , Managing Editor and Resident Data Scientist at insideBIGDATA

Data science jobs are among the most challenging to fill, taking five days longer to find qualified candidates than the market average. Employers are willing to pay premium salaries for professionals with expertise in these areas as well.  The most in-demand jobs in data science require advanced education, further driving up demand and salaries for professionals with these qualifications.


Using Predictive Analytics to Maximize Fundraising Campaign ROI

by Becky Land, Business Development Manager at Lityx

For nonprofits, understanding what worked and why it worked in a fundraising campaign has become easily available with analytics and BI tools. But we are now in a space where answering these questions isn’t enough. Leveraging predictive analytics is empowering marketers and nonprofits to predict what will happen and as a result, they make better decisions, improve targeting, and maximize fundraising campaign ROI.



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