In this week’s roundup, we look at artificial intelligence and data safety. We also examine the revelation that some companies are pretending to use AI. We explore how predictive analytics will improve email marketing and consider how the COVID-19 crisis is affecting two professions: analytics experts and nonprofit fundraisers.

AI’s Impact on Data Protection Strategies

by Adrian Moir, contributing writer for

As artificial intelligence (AI) is adopted more broadly across industries that use personal data, companies need to have plans in place on how to protect that data. Data breaches over the past decade have caused brand damage to several high-profile companies, instances which underscore the importance of data protection in the age of AI. It is essential that IT departments have solid plans in place for how to protect data now and over the next few years, as new laws such as Europe’s GDPR will continue to be enacted around the world. 


Artificial or Human Intelligence? Companies Faking AI

by Ron Schmelzer, contributing writer for

AI is becoming a “must-have” within the tech industry, but some companies who weren’t ahead of the curve are now playing catch-up. How? By using pseudo-AI—otherwise known as having humans do the work while publicly saying it’s AI-powered. Not only does this raise ethical issues, but it also creates a false representation of AI. The promise of AI is that the technology can perform tasks that humans can’t by crunching data at hyperspeed. With pseudo-AI in use, there is a risk of creating mistrust in authentic AI. 


Analytics Pros Called to Duty in COVID-19 Crisis

by Jessica Davis, contributing writer for

Analytics experts are gold right now for companies reacting to the COVID-19 crisis. Companies are trying to make informed business decisions as the economic landscape rapidly changes, and having the right data is essential. According to this article, almost 34% of analytics experts surveyed said they’ve had some COVID-19-related requests and more than 26% said they are solely focusing on analyzing the effects of the pandemic. 


Predictive Analytics Methods to Improve Email Marketing

by Michael Ethan, contributing writer for

Predictive analytics is being applied across marketing channels and it has excellent potential to improve email marketing strategies. Companies that use predictive analytics will increase their ROI by gaining a better understanding of their customers’ behavior, allowing marketers to send smarter emails to highly segmented audiences. 


Now Is Not the Time to Stop Fundraising

by Tracy Vanderneck, contributing writer for

Some nonprofit organizations have paused all fundraising efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic because they are concerned it would appear crude while so many people are in financial turmoil. This trend has mostly been implemented by nonprofits not directly impacted by the crisis, i.e. not food banks or other safety-net organizations. However, the author of this article argues, even if your mission isn’t as critical as others’ right now, you can still fundraise in a compassionate way. 


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