This week’s roundup looks at why marketers are concerned with the quality of data they are buying, which tools and languages are preferred by data scientists and analytics professionals, why analytics programs fail, how to optimize performance marketing to extract the most from affiliates, and how data science can be used to boost customer acquisition.

3 Reasons Why Marketers Are Concerned With the Quality of Data They Are Buying

by Rezwana Manjur, Contributor, featured on

When it comes to data, marketers have moved way past volume and price, to now wanting accuracy. According to a study by Lotame, 84% of marketers now say accuracy was key when buying data versus price (55%) and scale (37%). An astounding 90% of marketers say if data was more accurate, they’d buy more of it.


Python Gains on SAS, R

by Jessica Davis, Senior Editor of Enterprise Apps for InformationWeek, featured on InformationWeek

Aspiring data scientists and machine learning engineers may be researching the best skills and languages to learn for their future careers. But there are plenty of practitioners already out there in the marketplace, using their favorite tools every day. So of Python, R, or SAS, which is the top tool out there preferred by data scientists and analytics professionals? A new survey from quantitative executive recruiting firm Burtch Works provides some insight.


5 Reasons Why Your Company’s Analytics Program Is Failing

by Bill Petti, Subject Matter Expert at Gallup, and Sean Williams, Senior Practice Expert at Gallup, featured on Gallup

Nearly every company is trying to get smarter about the way data is collected and evaluated. But despite sizable investments in hardware, software and people, many of these organizations are not realizing the return they hoped for. Performance doesn’t improve solely because an organization gains access to new data. Nor does it improve simply because the analytics team uncovers a brilliant insight from the data. Moving from insight to change is not easy, and there are plenty of barriers to overcome along the way.


5 Performance Marketing Basics in an Omni-Channel World

by Vandita Grover, Freelance Contributor, featured on MarTech Advisor

Today’s tech-savvy customers seamlessly move from one channel to another before making any specific purchase decision. They get inspired by one channel, start their purchase on another and finish it off on a completely different channel. With performance marketing, where payouts are made only when an action is complete, it has become imperative to streamline your marketing efforts to extract the maximum out of your affiliates.


Empowering Marketers: When Customer Acquisition Could Go Wrong Without Data Science

by Waije Coler, Developer at InfoPay, featured on Forbes

Data science allows you to gain valuable insights into who your customers are before spending even one dollar of marketing on them. Demanding consumers are littering the internet with more information than ever. Using this information, you can identify intent and use predictive analysis to hook them in at the right time when they are ready to buy.



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