This week’s roundup looks at how the New York Times is using data science to adapt to the changing demands of advertisers, tips for data science job interviews, why marketers must focus on centralizing data, and the advantages of pairing advanced analytics with newspaper and shared media advertising for nonprofits.

New York Times Adapts Data Science Tools for Advertisers

by Benjamin Mullin, Digital Media and Advertising Reporter, The Wall Street Journal

Publishers are increasingly building data science tools to boost web traffic and lure subscribers. Now, the New York Times is giving those tools to marketers to help drum up new business. The newspaper recently announced the launch of a new team focused on adapting tools from groups specializing in data science, product and design, technology, and advertising.


How To Crack A Data Science In-Person Panel Interview

by Richa Bhatia, Technology Journalist, featured on Analytics India Magazine

While the popularity of the term data scientist is soaring, and companies continue to pour substantial amounts of money in building their data science and analytics team, the job descriptions usually vary. As a new generation of college graduates emerge for whom Big Data has become a standard part of software education, the technology changes so quickly that no one can have a complete know-how of everything listed in a job description. Here are some tips on how to crack an in-person panel interview for an entry-level data scientist position.


5 Reasons Why Centralizing Your Marketing Data Should Be A Top Priority

by Leah Pope , Chief Marketing Officer at Datorama, featured on MarTech Advisor

These days a common marketing conundrum is that the department is “data rich” and “insight poor.” In order for a company to be data-driven, we’re essentially thinking of this as a road that puts us on the path to success. Today, for most businesses, that road doesn’t exist. It’s constantly in a state of construction and repair, being worked on in a repetitive, manual process that will not gain the sustainability required to scale. In order to build the perfect road, what’s required is centralized marketing data.


Using Newspaper and Shared Media Advertising to Increase Donor Giving

by Gary Robinson, COO at Lityx

As part of a healthy marketing mix, advertising, through mediums like newspaper and shared mail media can support a nonprofit’s growth targets. But, if done poorly, these channels can be expensive while driving no results. With the use of advanced analytics, nonprofits can become more efficient, effective and targeted in their fundraising efforts. This article examines the state of newspaper advertising and shared media for nonprofits, and illustrates how one nonprofit increased their member acquisition rate by 90% using these mediums supported by advanced analytics.



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