This week’s roundup includes articles that discuss the role of data science in government and business, ‘the sexiest job of the 21st Century’, the impact of advanced analytics on valuation growth, 10 data-related podcasts, and the value of data for nonprofits.

Essential Science: The future of policy making?

by Tim Sandle, Editor-at-Large for Science News at Digital Journal

Data-driven science, the interdisciplinary field of scientific methods, is increasingly being used by governments and businesses to develop policy and strategy. For it to work well, as the Harvard Business Review notes, there needs to be focus and support, and an understanding of the opportunities that are presented.


Data Scientist: Yes, You Can Get ‘THE SEXIEST JOB OF THE 21ST CENTURY’

featured on TechGenix, by Rahul Sharma, Copywriter/Blogger

Harvard Business Review named data scientist ‘the sexiest job of the 21st century’. Unfortunately, no amount of endless opportunities in this amazing field can change the fact that transitioning from a non-science background to data science is hard.


Will Your Company be Predator or Prey When it Comes to Adoption and Application of Advanced Analytics?

by Bain & Company, sourced from Nasdaq GlobeNewswire

A recent Bain & Company report, Predator or Prey: Disruption in the Era of Advanced Analytics, found that the valuation of analytics-enabled disrupters grew faster than the largest industry players – 15x for the auto industry, 6x for video distribution, and 3x for both quick service restaurants and retail.


10 Data Science, Machine Learning and AI Podcasts You Must Listen To

by Pranav Dar, Editor at Analytics Vidhya

With the rapid pace at which technology is driving innovation in machine learning and artificial intelligence, it has become immensely important to keep pace with the ongoing trends in data science. However, it can become challenging to read everything that’s out there. Thankfully, there are some really great podcasts to help keep you in the know.


Nonprofits-Your Data is Your Most Valuable Asset

by Art Warren, Director of Sales at Lityx

For nonprofits, convincing potential donors to choose a cause from the estimated 1.5 million charitable organizations in the U.S. is only becoming more competitive. And while nonprofits already have oceans of information about their supporters, volunteers, activists, members, and other constituent groups, far too few of them are leveraging their data to make their fundraising and advocacy campaigns stand out from the crowd.



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