This week, we get a comprehensive list of data sciences resources. We learn the four takeaways for marketers from this year’s Google Marketing Live. We examine the hidden challenges of moving data. We consider how new technology will revolutionize customer centricity, despite known challenges. And finally, we understand the eight key indicators of a strong nonprofit fundraising campaign.

Interested in Data Science? Pay Attention to These People, Podcasts, Newsletters and Projects

by Nicole Bennett, contributing writer for

The data science community is a wealth of information, as data scientists enjoy collaboration and sharing ideas. This article features a collection of data scientists, analysts, and professionals who are leading conversations online. Learn social media accounts to follow, podcasts to listen to, content to explore, and newsletters to subscribe to—sorted by various interest areas. Happy learning!


Top 4 Takeaways for Marketers from Google Marketing Live 2019

by Merilyn Pereira, staff writer for

A few weeks ago, San Francisco hosted Google Marketing Live 2019—Google’s annual conference for marketers and advertisers. This year’s event focused on innovation and product releases, with key updates on shopping and ads. The main themes at Google Marketing Live 2019 were privacy, discoverability, and lots of shopping. While there was so much information packed into a few days, here are four key takeaways from the event to consider for your own marketing efforts.


Moving Data and its Hidden Challenges

by Patrick Reynolds, commentary for

Data ingestion is often very difficult to get right. And CIOs and IT teams sometimes fail to take complicating factors into consideration. Often, organizations have hundredsif not thousandsof data points from multiple sources that need to be aggregated and mapped correctly in order to be used in a meaningful way. To get this data from several sources into a single repository where everyone in your organization can access it and benefit from it (with appropriate permissions and safeguards) is an exacting science. Learn what some of the biggest challenges are in getting the data right and things to consider during implementation in order to set your organization up for success.


How New Technology Will Revolutionize Customer Centricity

by Jonathan Cherki, contributing writer for

While most agree that employing a data-driven customer experience is a good practice, data-driven maturity is still far off, despite many successful brand examples out there. Many brands are still behind, even though digital leaders understand that they can offset acquisition costs by improving on-site conversion and experience. With this understanding, it may seem surprising that so many organizations have such difficulties acting on customer insights. But, there are three high-level challenges brands need to tackle head-on if they want to future proof their customer experience. And technology, like AI, will help address these challenges.


8 Key Indicators of a Strong Nonprofit Fundraising Campaign

by Robin Cabral, contributing writer for

In order to have a strong fundraising campaign, you need several items in place before you launch, in order to ensure success. There are several key indicators of a strong nonprofit fundraising campaign. For example, do you have a strong campaign plan outlining the goals, purpose, and particulars of the campaign? Do you have a dedicated group steering the planning activities for the effort? Is there a hard start- and end-date? Learn the eight key indicators of a successful campaign and why they’re important.



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