In this week’s roundup, we discuss how marketers aren’t sure whether or not they need a data scientist or a data analyst. We also discuss if 2019 is the year of Artifical Intelligence (AI) for Marketers. Also, Google Analytics released a new tool to support cohesion between platforms and campaigns called Audience Report. Lastly, soccer teams are finally beginning to use data analytics to help source undervalued talent at a lower cost.

Confessions of a Data Scientist: ‘Marketers Don’t Know What They’re
Asking For’

by Ilyse Liffreing, Brands and Digital Marketing Reporter for

Like artificial intelligence or blockchain, data science is a popular buzzword in the industry. It seems that marketers aren’t clear on the distinction between data scientists—those who design and test experiments using statistics, calculus, linear algebra—and data analysts—those who use spreadsheets to implement a strategy around data.


AI in Marketing – Taking AIM on 2019

by Daniel Winterstein Co-founder and CTO, Good-Loop, featured on

AI is becoming increasingly important. It has moved from niche to buzzword, to mainstream, and marketers cannot ignore it. For 2019, every major agency should have an AI strategy.


How to Analyze Audience Performance with Google Analytics

by Amy Bishop, Owner & Marketing Consultant at Cultivative, LLC featured on SearchEngine Journal

Marketers have struggled with analyzing audience data; historically, there has not been one cohesive view. Audience performance was fragmented in different platforms depending on the channel and, further fragmented at the campaign level. Marketers now have a new opportunity to improve analysis with Audience Report by Google Analytics.


Soccer’s Moneyball Moment: How Enhanced Analytics Are Changing The Game

By Robert Kidd, Freelance Journalist—Sports Business Focusing on Europe and Soccer featured on

Soccer has been late to the game compared to other sports in embracing data and analytics. However, now they can widen the net using data for more informed decision making.



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