This week’s roundup discusses what to look for when hiring data scientists, why you should consider people before technology with advanced analytics, the challenges that marketers face when it comes to big data, and four ways B2B marketers can use data to surmount increasing pressure to drive organizational growth.

You’ve Probably Been Hiring the Wrong Kind of Data Scientist

by Michael Li, Founder & CEO of The Data Incubator, featured on Fast Company

Companies are having a notoriously hard time hiring data scientists, and it’s partly a self-created problem. Employers badly in need of data scientists don’t always understand exactly what a data scientist is. And in a tight market for tech talent, many candidates are more than willing to exploit that ignorance.


Stop and Rethink Your Approach to Advanced Analytics

by Jason Tamara Widjaja, Associate Director of Data Science at Merck, Sharp & Dohme, featured on CDO Trends

Analytics is not a linear process and getting value from analytics is not about software and infrastructure. Analytics is exploratory, and its value comes from people and decisions. Starting with infrastructure and technology when the buyer does not understand it puts undue risk, cost, barriers, and pressure on the nascent function. Starting with good people, aligning incentives, deploying open source tools and building a culture of exploration and fast iteration is better.


3 Challenges with Big Data for Marketers

by Chitra Iyer, Editor-in-Chief at MarTech Advisor

There is no doubt that big data – the huge volume of data flowing from various sources in a steady – and high-speed – stream has the potential to change the way businesses can leverage data to find their competitive edge. While marketers too understand the potential of big data to transform their understanding of the customer, unfortunately, they also realize that big data is not a magical remedy for them.


The Four Steps to Overcome B2B Marketing Challenges

by Leah Pope, Chief Marketing Officer at Datorama, featured on MarTech Advisor

Right now marketers are finding themselves at the center of an important transition: CMOs are being tasked with being the arbiters of growth. Among two of today’s most prominent B2B marketing challenges: disparate tools, teams, and systems that connect directly across the buyer’s journey, and aligning all internal partners and stakeholders around common objectives and KPIs. Discover four ways to overcome these challenges using data.



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