In this week’s roundup, we dive into data strategies marketers can use to manage, improve customer data quality, and increase trust. We share why marketers should focus on the quality of their data by becoming data stewards and providing a clear benefit to customers so that they are more likely to share their data. Also, we see how marketers can use IoT to improve their digital outcomes. Lastly, we see marketers increasing their responsibility to understand not only data and innovation but overall business growth.

Data strategies: Fix it, Don’t Stitch it

by Florian Gramshammer, Managing Director of EMEA at Impact, featured on

The quality of (big) data has for a long time been challenging for CMOs. Instead of creating an accurate view that positions their brand to make sound decisions, CMOs are having to “stitch together” their data from different sources. This isn’t efficient, easy or effective. It’s therefore essential for CMOs to become data stewards within their organizations and lead their teams with confidence.


How to Earn Your Customers’ Trust and Encourage Data Sharing

by Matt Harris Chief Executive Officer, Sendwithus featured on

Digital marketers have long benefited from consumers’ cavalier attitude toward sharing personal information. But in light of high-profile data breaches and more stringent regulation, the era of easy access to personal data is drawing to a close. One shift has been in consumer recognition of the value of their data. Surveys routinely demonstrate a willingness to share personal information in exchange for something in return. Most recently, a poll by Acxiom and DMA found that 58 percent of consumers are “data pragmatists” who will provide data when there is a clear benefit in doing so.


How IoT Data Can Improve Digital Marketing Outcomes

By a Guest writer for

IoT devices will help marketers deliver more specific and personalized content to users in various contexts. You should supplement your sales team with a marketing strategy that’s backed by IoT devices. Data science is one of the top trends in digital marketing that all marketers and advertisers will need to understand. Why? Because when marketing plans are created based on data, they produce results as measurements of data.


‘Bendy,’ ‘Brave,’ and ‘Strategic’ – What Does the Marketer of the Future Look Like?

by Rebecca Stewart Senior Reporter for Brands and Digital for The Drum

With increasing responsibility for data and innovation; a proclivity towards in-housing; the rise of management consultancies; evolving agency models and an ever-changing suite of technologies at their fingertips, marketers face more opportunities and challenges than ever before.



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