This week’s roundup discusses the impact of accelerating the speed with which an enterprise can get value from its data, how to maximize your AI investment, using data for social good, and tips for better data management.

Time to Value: The Currency of Data Operations

by Randy Bean, CEO of NewVantage Partners, featured on Forbes

Business executives at mainstream corporations are quickly grasping a central premise that executives of data-driven companies have well understood — the speed with which the enterprise can get value from its data matters. And, it matters a lot. Accelerating that timeframe, or improving on time to value, is or should be a core focus of any Chief Data Officer.


Five Foundational Practices To Maximize Your AI Investment

by Darren Guarnaccia, CMO at Lytics, featured on Which-50

There is enormous hype these days about the promise of all things artificial intelligence (AI). While AI and machine learning (ML) aren’t magic, they do hold enormous potential if implemented on top of the right foundation, and you use them in the right ways. This articles explores these foundational elements, and specifically what you need to have in your marketing technology stack, to ensure you’ve set yourself up to get the most out of these new advances in technology.


Use Data for Social Good

by Kasey Panetta, Brand Content Manager at Gartner, featured on Gartner

Whether it’s working with other companies to help address homelessness, allowing employees to spend a certain amount of days on a community project, or sharing data, data and analytics leaders, including CDOs, are in a unique position to establish Data for Good programs. Discover how some companies are transcending organizational boundaries to use data to improve society.


6 Data Management Tips to Improve Your Business

by Salumeh Companieh, CIO at C&W Services, featured on CIO Review

Whatever your industry, chances are you have access to important data that could fundamentally change the way you do business. The trick is figuring out how to use it optimally. Salumeh Companieh, CIO at C&W Services, discusses six key learnings that can help any organization transition from merely talking about key metrics to acting on data for strategic decision-making.



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