How Decision Intelligence Will Finally Change Decision-Making From Mystical To Mundane 

By Erik Larson, contributing writer for 

Technology research and consulting firm Gartner, Inc. identified Decision Intelligence as a top strategic trend for 2022. Analyst Dr. Pieter J. den Hamer begins his detailed report with this call to action. 


Monitoring Water Quality Using Lots of Sensors and Machine Learning  

By Robin Kearey, contributing writer for 

Despite great progress over the past century, more than a billion people still don’t have access to clean drinking water today. Much of the water on Earth’s surface is polluted, but it’s not always easy to tell a dirty stream from a clean one. Professional kit for water analysis can be expensive, which is why [kutluhan_aktar] decided to design a portable, internet-connected water pollution monitor. 


Study examines how machine learning boosts manufacturing 

By Kara Baskin, contributing writer for 

Which companies deploy machine intelligence (MI) and data analytics successfully for manufacturing and operations? Why are those leading adopters so far ahead — and what can others learn from them? 


Machine Learning Engineering:  The Science of Building Reliable AI Systems  

By Hasan Selman, contributing writer for

Machine learning engineering aims to apply software engineering and data science methods to turn machine learning models into usable functions for products and consumers. Artificial intelligence technology is created using machine learning engineering with massive data sets. Machine learning engineering develops AI systems and algorithms to learn and ultimately make predictions. 


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