In this week’s roundup, learn how artificial intelligence is being used to predict whether someone will die from COVID and how it is helping curb traffic accidents in urban environments. Explore the four ways to democratize data science within your organizations and why so many data science projects fail to deliver. And finally, consider who is making sure that AI algorithms aren’t built with racial bias.

Can Artificial Intelligence Predict Whether Someone Will Die From COVID?

By Tamaar Beeri, contributor for

A study conducted by the University of Copenhagen Faculty of Science found that AI can predict with up to 90% accuracy if someone is going to die from COVID-19 before they are even infected. Key risk factors like age, BMI, and hypertension were used to formulate the algorithm. This technology could help hospitals take preventative measures and prioritize patients to better manage the pandemic.


How Artificial Intelligence Can Help Curb Traffic Accidents in Cities

By Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Metz, contributing writer for

A research project at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) is harnessing AI to make decisions that will make cities safer for pedestrians and drivers. The researchers looked into the correlation between the complexity of urban areas and the likelihood of an accident happening there. The data gathered can be used to train neural networks to detect probable hazards and work out patterns associated with this high-risk potential, aiding traffic authorities in reducing accidents.


4 Ways to Democratize Data Science in Your Organization

by Thomas C. Redman and Thomas H. Davenport, contributing writers for

Organizations often leave data to a team of data scientists and focus efforts where there is lots of data. However, using data more strategically and broadly across the organization provides a higher chance for a successful data science transformation. There should be an effort to get everyone involved in data science and tap into it to inform big swing decisions. Here are four ways to make data science more strategic and democratic in your organization.


Why So Many Data Science Projects Fail to Deliver

By Mayur P. Joshi, Ning Su, Robert D. Austin, and Anand K. Sundaram, contributing writers for

While more companies are embracing data science as a function, many have not been able to consistently derive value from their big data, AI, and ML investments. And there is a big cost to this. Evidence suggests that the gap is widening between organizations successfully gaining value from data science and those struggling to do so. Here are five mistakes that companies make when implementing data science projects and how to avoid them.


Who Is Making Sure the A.I. Machines Aren’t Racist?

By Cade Metz, contributing writer for

Timnit Gebru was one of two AI experts recently pushed out of Google. Gebru has been dedicated to promoting ‘ethical AI’ throughout her career, specifically addressing racial bias that is built into algorithms since the teams creating them are typically not diverse. This article dives into the reasons why this work is critical, citing tangible examples in which AI got it very wrong exhibiting the need for ethical AI. And with two key players forced out of the conversation, it begs the question: who is making sure AI technology isn’t racist?



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