This week, we share the right way to approach and implement digital transformation and learn how to adapt generic AI technology for specific needs. We also explore how to build a responsive fundraising strategy and dive into all things advertising technology. Lastly, we share a podcast episode to hear from Google’s Unskippable Labs Global Creative Director, Ben Jones, on powering creativity.

Doing Digital Transformation Right

by Jessica Davis, contributing writer for 

To make the most of going digital, organizations must transform legacy operations and invest in new digital business, according to consulting firm McKinsey. A recent report dives into what matters most when you take your company digital. Learn about three “bold moves” that position companies for greater success than their less-digitized peers.


Make Artificial Intelligence Work for Your Business Needs

by John Edwards, contributing writer for

AI software is everywhere, yet generic AI tools rarely meet companies’ exact business needs. But they don’t need to spend large amounts of time and money building their own AI tools to fix this problem. Instead, they need to customize already existing tools to fit their requirements. Learn how some organizations approach this task.


Driving Generosity: Build a Responsive Fundraising Strategy

by Gabe Cooper, contributing writer for

The ways in which we communicate–and expect to be communicated to–are drastically different than they used to be. People expect highly personalized messaging and experiences, and unfortunately, nonprofit organizations have fallen behind. Demonstrating appreciation, personalization, and trust through responsive fundraising is the name of the game.


What is Advertising Technology (AdTech)? Definition, Ecosystem, Programmatic, & Trends 

by Indrajeet Deshpande, contributing writer for

Advertising Technology (AdTech) is defined as a range of software and tools that brands and agencies use to strategize, set up, and manage their digital advertising activities. Explore the key concepts of advertising technology in this article that covers the world of programmatic (including ad buying, direct, and real-time bidding), the AdTech ecosystem, and future trends to watch out for.


7 questions every CMO wants to ask Google with Ben Jones

Interview with Ben Jones by Julie Devoll for Think with Google

Harvard Business Review Editor of Special Projects and Webisodes Julie Devoll sits down with Global Creative Director at Google’s Unskippable Labs, Ben Jones, to discuss everything from the myth of the shrinking attention span to using data in the right way to power creativity.



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