Five rules for successful business decision-making

By Pascal Bornet, contributing writer for

Effective decision-making is more important than ever before. Sixty-five percent of executives have to make more complex decisions today than they did two years ago, according to research from Gartner Inc., and 50% of them experience higher pressure to justify the decisions they make.


The researchers using AI to analyse peer review

By Richard Van Noorden, contributing writers for

Do more-highly cited journals have higher-quality peer review? Reviews are generally confidential, and the definition of ‘quality’ is elusive, so this is a difficult question to answer. But researchers who used machine learning to study 10,000 peer-review reports in biomedical journals have tried. They invented proxy measures for quality, which they term thoroughness and helpfulness.


Business intelligence needs boost from decision intelligence

By Eric Avidon, contributing writer for

BI is the use of data to inform decisions. Decision intelligence, meanwhile, is the use of augmented analytics and machine learning to automatically surface insights that lead to decisions and action.


How artificial intelligence is revolutionizing trading

By Marc Berman, contributing writer for

The importance of artificial intelligence in the world is high. AI already influences several aspects of our lives. When you ask Siri a question, you’re using artificial intelligence. When Amazon recommends a product that you eventually buy, you’ve been influenced by AI. When you use Google Lens to make an image search, you’ve put AI to use.


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