End the confusion: advanced vs. predictive analytics

By Mary K. Pratt, contributing writer for Techtarget.com

As organizations strive to increase data-driven operations, the number of analytics tools available grows. Understanding the differences between advanced analytics techniques and when to use them is key to unlocking maximum performance.


Role of AI and ML in transforming database security

By Harshini, contributing writer for Analyticsinsight.net

Machine learning and artificial intelligence quickly transform numerous industries, particularly the technology industry. Database security is one area where these technologies are making a big difference. The significance of AI and ML in enhancing database security grows as the tech industry continues to develop.


Machine learning in antibiotic discovery

By Marzia Khan, contributing writer for News-medical.net

Machine learning is a significant component of artificial intelligence (AI), integrated into many fields, including data analytics and technology.


How AI, machine learning, and simulation work together

By Mazen El Hout, contributing writer for Hcpwire.com

As artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and simulation revolutionize the way humans process and predict information, Ansys Chief Technology Officer Dr. Prith Banerjee explains how better, faster decisions are made possible when these transformational sciences align.


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