In this week’s roundup, learn why many machine learning (ML) strategies fail, yet if used correctly can improve your daily customer interactions. Explore why you cannot leave out the human touch in retail artificial intelligence (AI) executions as well as the topic of ethics in AI. Finally, consider three key areas to invest in in order to win with moments-based marketing.

Eight Things Machine Learning Can Do To Improve Your Daily Customer Interactions

By Young Entrepreneur Panel, contributor for

While many companies have invested heavily in machine learning and have experienced success, the technology can be intimidating, scary, or difficult to implement for others. It’s a little less scary to hear straight from professionals that have experience with the technology. Eight entrepreneurs weigh in on the merits of ML and how it has affected their own daily interactions with customers. 


Why Machine Learning Strategies Fail

By Ben Dickinson, contributing writer for

According to a new survey, most companies are struggling to develop working AI strategies. Only 20 percent of organizations surveyed have mature AI/ML initiatives. While there is no question they are powerful technologies, before you can apply the power of ML to your business, there are several barriers to overcome. There are specific challenges in the areas of skills, data, and strategy, and the survey results paint a picture of why most fail. 


Don’t Leave Out The Human Touch In Artificial Intelligence

by Dan Berthiaume, contributing writer for

Retail is an extremely personal business. In order for AI deployments to succeed, this fact must be taken into consideration. Retailers must infuse human intuition into their predictive AI solutions, specifically within logistics, merchandising, and clienteling functions. Dive deeper into what this looks like in reality and why it is so necessary.


A Beginner’s Guide to AI: Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

By Tristan Greene, contributing writer for

Oftentimes, the most obvious solution to a problem may not be the best solution. And the reason for that often comes down to a question of ethics. We must not only look at the intent for creating AI, but also the intent of use down the line. Will a party use AI unethically undermining what it was created for? This article provides an overview of ethics in AI, considers these two points and more. 


Customer Journey Moments That Matter: 3 Key Investment Areas

By Johnathan Moran, contributing writer for

When was the last time you responded to a brand promotion you received via email? It is likely that no memorable instance will come to mind. This begs the question of why brands continue to use channel-based, campaign-minded approaches. Instead, this article argues that marketers should be focusing on customer journeys and moments-based marketing. There are three areas that must be invested in to achieve this. Find out what they are.



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