How AI can make fantasy football even more fun

By Michael Iams, contributing writer for

The roar of the crowd, the clash of helmets, the excitement of a touchdown and the thrill of victory – football has captured the hearts of millions.


3 business problems data analytics can help solve

By Sara Brown, contributing writer for

Generative artificial intelligence is booming, the post-COVID economy wobbles on, and the climate crisis is growing. Amid this disruption, what practical problems are global businesses trying to solve in 2023?


Machine learning models can produce reliable results even with limited training data

By Sarah Collins, contributing writer for

Researchers have determined how to build reliable machine learning models that can understand complex equations in real-world situations while using far less training data than is normally expected.


How ML And AI could solve drug shortages

By Jo Varshney, contributing writer for

It’s been 10 months since the FDA declared a shortage of Adderall, a medication for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) that is prescribed in brand name and generic-equivalent form to 41. 2 million people in the United States annually.



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