In this week’s roundup, we touch on Facebook’s continuing investment to brands by adding more analytics tools to its platforms. We find out why your team doesn’t need to hire a data scientist to find powerful data insights. Lastly, we discuss the critical steps to take for finding data analytics tools and important analytics concepts every manager should know.

Facebook Begins Rolling Out Analytics for Instagram Accounts & Expanded Page Analytics

by Amy Gesenhues, General Assignment Reporter for Third Door Media featured on

Facebook is introducing two new additions to its analytics suite, Instagram account analytics and advanced analytics for Facebook Pages. What does this mean for marketers?  The rollout of these analytics features shows Facebook’s continuing investment in giving brands native tools to measure and demonstrate the value of marketing on its platforms.


Your Team Doesn’t Need a Data Scientist for Simple Analytics

by Kon Leong, co-founder and CEO of ZL Technologies, Inc, featured on Harvard Business Review 

Data analytics is a powerful and promising source of competitive advantage. To enable such a strategy in the face of a difficult shortfall of the available talent in the marketplace, one must fall back on developing existing employees through cross-training and cross-pollination of team members and experts.


How to Choose the Right Data Analytics Tools: 5 Steps

by Macy Bayern, Associate Staff Writer for TechRepublic

Leading executives agreed that data is necessary for an organization’s financial performance, growth, customer experience, employee experience, and overall competitiveness in its industry. One of the largest challenges in data analytics, however, is figuring out which analytical tools to use. With new analytical tools are released almost daily, companies are having a tougher time deciding which is the best fit for their group.


4 Analytics Concepts Every Manager Should Understand

By Amy Gallow, Writer, and Contributing Editor for Harvard Business Review

Nearly every worker today needs to be a regular consumer of data analysis and most need a more-than-basic understanding. At first thought, one would assume they need to take a statistics course however it doesn’t fully equip one to grasp the important concepts and to drive conversations need to around data analysis. This is why Amy Gallow dives deeper and breaks down four statistical analyses you can learn and implement.



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