How New York Life deploys hybrid AI to ease underwriting

By Matt Ashare, contributing writer for

Underwriting is a numbers game. Insurers build statistical models, collect data and do their best to predict outcomes. It’s data science applied to the vagaries of the real world, to a noisy system rife with uncertainty and risk.


Scientists propose machine learning approach to solve the world’s food insecurity issue

By Central European University, contributing writers for

Researchers of a recent paper published by Nature Food suggest a method which they claim will allow decision-makers to make more timely and informed decisions on policies and programs oriented towards the fight against hunger.


When the rise of AI meets the ease of no-code

By Nirman Dave, contributing writer for

Not too long ago, professional web designers wouldn’t dream of using a no-code website builder—if you didn’t personally write each line of HTML and CSS, could you really call yourself a real designer? Today, many professional web designers have enthusiastically embraced no-code solutions, using them to get more done in less time without sacrificing quality.


How to cut through the noise with decision intelligence

By Peter Bailis, contributing writer for

We have a data distraction problem. Companies have access to more data than ever before, yet it’s nearly impossible to focus through the noise and use the data to its full potential. While the data industry’s transformation over the past decade is indisputable, the way organizations make decisions with data has barely improved.



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