This week’s roundup discusses how Consumer Data Platforms aren’t just for marketers, predictive analytics being the backbone of data-driven marketing and the promise of predictive analytics in healthcare to determine possible downturns in health. Data Digest dives deep into machine learning in JavaScript, Multitenant Data Sets, and Earthquake Detection. Lastly, we notice predictive analytics in more industries than before and our COO focuses on how point-and-click advanced analytics makes analyzing data insights easier.

Consumer Data Platforms – Not Just For Marketers Anymore

By Paul Mandeville Chief Product Officer, QuickPivot featured on Martech Advisor

Consumer Data Platforms can go beyond helping just the marketing team, it can also benefit the finance, IT, retail and C-suite teams. A CDP is a data management system that creates a persistent, unified, customer database that is accessible to other systems. Data is pulled from multiple sources, cleaned and combined to create a single customer profile, connecting attributes with identities, from which insights can be uncovered to provide the best possible customer experience.


How Can Predictive Analytics Make Marketing More Effective?

by Jas Saran CEO of G Web Pro Marketing Inc. featured on

Predictive analytics is the backbone of data-driven marketing. The success of predictive analytics doesn’t depend on any single department. Instead, it takes an enterprise-wide effort with participation from all departments. Predictive Analytics can help firms from generating leads to conversion, coming up with right ideas and products to up-selling and cross-selling, from customer retention to maximizing mutual values — predictive analytics models can do it all, completely renovating every aspect of marketing.


Predictive Analytics – Advisory Series, Digital Health

by Vivienne Raper writer for Digital Health

When looking at the promise of predictive analytics in healthcare – namely, the ability to identify a downturn in someone’s health and intervene before it becomes more serious – the focus has often been on physical healthcare. But, as Vivienne Raper reports, more and more organizations are exploring the role such data analysis could play in supporting those with mental ill health.


Data Digest: Machine Learning Languages, Multitenant Data Sets, Earthquake Detection

by TDWI Insights, featured on Upside highlights the use of why you should consider Machine Learning in several areas like JavaScript, models on multitenant data, and detecting earthquake aftershocks. With this week’s emphasis on Machine Learning there is a simple rule when using it: The more data available to train the machine, the smarter the machine becomes.


Predictive Analytics Provides Effective Solutions in Surprising Industries

by Kelly McSweeney, Science and Technology writer for Now. powered by Northrop Grumman

Predictive analytics allows firms to make advanced predictions about unknown future events based on data from the past. Computer science techniques, such as machine learning and blockchain, can help make sense of the data by finding patterns that can predict future behaviors.


How Point-and-Click Advanced Analytics Make Analyzing Data Insights Easier

by Gary Robinson, Chief Operating Officer at

Gary Robinson COO at Lityx dives into how you don’t have to be a computer programmer to benefit from predictive analytics and constrained optimization. Learn how Lityx is improving business results with easy-to-use advanced analytics.



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