In this week’s roundup, we look at how artificial intelligence (AI) can not only improve business functions but also how AI technologies can save lives. We explore inventive applications of AI, including a new machine learning model that can understand abstract ideas and outperform humans on related tasks. We also learn why it’s time for businesses to set aside historical data and invest in training machine learning models on real-time data. 

5 Life-Saving Applications of Artificial Intelligence

By Serenity Gibbons, contributing writer for

We often hear about AI’s ability to improve business functions, but there are many examples of how AI can save lives, too. These include preventing accidents among a range of vehicles such as cars, buses, and construction equipment. When such vehicles are interconnected via smart technology, the AI can trigger immediate braking or other actions. AI is also improving several areas of healthcare, including diagnosing illnesses, improving healthcare delivery, and optimizing pharmaceutical development.


Beyond the Buzzword: 6 Cutting-Edge Applications of AI

By Quinten Dol, contributing writer for

AI is no longer a futuristic idea—it’s here and already improving experiences and outcomes across industries. Built In talked to leaders at several companies, including online retailer Zulily and software company Epicor, to learn more about how they are leveraging AI and machine learning to change the way they do business. 


Throw Out that 3-Year Business Plan

By Dan Simion, contributing writer for

Business leaders have traditionally relied on long-term outlooks to inform their decisions. However, with the global coronavirus pandemic disrupting data trends, it’s time that leaders focus on modeling recent and real-time data as opposed to historical data. Yes, this means investing in retraining data models, but it’s an investment that will pay future dividends. Nobody can predict what the post-pandemic world will look like, but companies that are aggressive about putting current data to work will be the most likely to succeed. 


Toward a Machine Learning Model that Can Reason About Everyday Actions

By Kim Martineau, contributing writer for MIT News

As of yet, AI has not been to be able to conceptualize abstract ideas. However, researchers recently trained a machine learning model to successfully perform visual reasoning tasks as well as or better than humans. This feat suggests that AI has the potential to analyze abstract ideas and make advanced and nuanced predictions. 


8 Ways How Artificial Intelligence Can Develop and Grow Your Business

By Priyadarshini Patwa, contributing writer for

The adoption of AI is happening at a breakneck pace in the business world. From reducing costs to recommending products to providing customer support, the applications for AI in business are endless. Trends we are likely to encounter in the near future include AI playing a significant role in cybersecurity and an increase in seamless human interactions with AI.


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