This week, we look at how large-scale disasters in the past have affected nonprofits. We dig into several articles about the ways artificial intelligence can help businesses grow and adapt in quickly changing times. We also learn about how marketers can use AI to improve sales and social media marketing.

Lessons from the Past Can Inform the Future of Fundraising

by Tim Sarrantonio, contributing writer for

As the world reacts to the COVID-19 panic, nonprofit leaders are just as concerned about the future of their organizations as for-profit company CEOs. Fortunately, we can look at past crises to predict how nonprofit fundraising will fare when the current pandemic is over. This article examines how people reacted to events such as World War I and the recession a decade ago and reveals that such things tend to bring people together, inspire empathy for those in need, and either increase or keep donations steady. 


Transforming Social Media Marketing Through AI

by Almitra Karnik, contributing writer for

Social media has changed marketing in ways we couldn’t have imagined even 10 years ago, and artificial intelligence (AI) is now revolutionizing the industry once again. Currently, most companies have human workers interpreting social media data, but there are only so many hours in a day. Here is where AI can step in and analyze exponential amounts of social media data and deliver smart, usable insights that marketers can use to optimize their social media strategies. 


10 Business Functions that are Ready to Use Artificial Intelligence

by Bernard Marr, contributing writer for

Smart companies are actively looking at ways that artificial intelligence can improve their sales, operations, and marketing. The innovations that AI will bring to all of these areas will allow early-adopters to outperform their competitors. Everything from more-evident departments such as IT and manufacturing to less apparent areas such as human resources and building maintenance can benefit from AI solutions. 


How AI Solutions Are Solving Long-Standing Business Challenges

by John Boitnoot, contributing writer for

Artificial intelligence is uniquely positioned to help companies solve problems that have plagued them in the past. Businesses can use AI to address concerns such as transaction fraud, the customer experience, personalized marketing, and productivity. Leveraging large amounts of data to improve these essential functions will enable companies to focus on new challenges and opportunities. 


What Can Agencies Reasonably Do to Benefit from AI? 

by Drew McLellan, contributing writer for

Marketers are expected to be spending $21 billion on artificial intelligence by 2023. The pressure to keep up with competitors is driving agencies to adopt AI as quickly as possible, but some are struggling to determine how to best implement the technology. Some of the ways agencies can use AI to increase profits and client outcomes include improving lead generation, conversion optimization, and tracking competitor performance. 



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