In this week’s roundup, we consider how to best manage the human-machine workforce. We determine the best way to attribute ROI to your Customer Data Platforms (CDP). We also look at how to deploy artificial intelligence (AI) into enterprises at scale and whether or not AI may be the key to driving education forward. And finally, we examine AI’s role in media buying… and it’s not what we all originally thought it would be. 

How to Manage the Human-Machine Workforce

by Lisa Morgan, contributing writer for 

Managing and overseeing your workforce is not a new concept. But should machines be managed in the same way that humans are managed? Some suggest that intelligent machines should be managed like people. Meaning, virtual employees should have a job title and key performance indicators. Others suggest that it’s the combination of humans and machines that need to be managed. 


Attributing ROI to your CDP 

by Craig Schinn, contributing writer for 

How do you measure ROI on your CDP investment? It’s a simple question with a rather complex answer. CDPs are one of the hottest areas of the MarTech ecosystem. However, many clients complain of nebulous ROI from their first-party data. Know the value of your CDP investment by understanding the risks of two problematic schools of thought.


A Realistic Framework for AI in the Enterprise

by Jessica Davis, contributing writer for

Last year was a disappointment for some enterprises’ efforts to deploy artificial intelligence at scale. However, some organizations have created successful pilots. But getting from pilot to scale is proving to be a challenge. How do you get from pilot to scale successfully? Here’s a practical, high-level framework that could help enterprises with their programs, derived from a new report from Lux Research. 


Can AI Drive Education Forward?

by Carolina Milanesi, contributing writer for 

Over one thousand student teachers and early-career teachers around the world were surveyed to understand what they thought of teaching practices, the role of technology, working conditions and resources, and demographic trends of both teachers and students. While some of the findings were not surprising, there was a clear area for AI to play a critical role in success.


‘Don’t Set It And Forget It’: Artificial Intelligence’s Role In Media Buying Is Taking Shape 

by Kristina Monllos, contributing writer for 

The reality of artificial intelligence’s role in media buying may be turning out very different from the dream. The hope was that AI’s use for media buying (aka automated decision making) would enable machines to tap data about specific audiences so as to create automated campaigns across different digital channels. But the reality is that it has been delivering better-targeted audiences for the same amount of money as marketers previously spent it also clarifies the gaps in a media plan rather than handling all the minute details.



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