In this week’s roundup, we examine the roles of humans and machines within advertising and consider four ways that leaders can gain value with artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced analytics. We highlight a roundup of machine learning forecasts, market estimates, and the important takeaways to consider. Finally, we look at three ways to build a better marketing strategy in 2020.

Human vs. Machine: In Advertising, We’re Both Winning

by Lance Brothers, contributing writer for 

As we’ve highlighted before, you’ll get the most out of AI by pairing human-powered thinking with machine-powered intelligence. When it comes to advertising, the equation is simple: humans + machines = improved advertising effectiveness. The 2010s were all about building the foundation of advertising effectiveness, and the 2020s will be about the combined power of humans and machines. Learn how. 


Roundup of Machine Learning Forecasts And Market Estimates, 2020 

by Louis Columbus, contributing writer for 

Machine learning is being adopted very quickly across a number of industries. This reflects how effective its algorithms, frameworks, and techniques are at solving complex problems quickly. In fact, the global machine learning market was valued at $1.58B in 2017 and is expected to reach $20.83B in 2024. This informative article summarizes the key takeaways from the series of machine learning market forecasts and market estimates from the last year.


Four Ways Leaders Can Gain Value from AI and Advanced Analytics

by Ravi Bapna, contributing partner for

Advanced analytics, AI, and ML are among the most powerful technologies invented since the dawn of modern computing. Yet, in the real economy, there is still more struggle than success in making advanced analytics and AI a management discipline. This requires a deeper understanding and self-reflection among leaders of human strengths and frailties in contrast to that of modern, software-based machines and algorithms. Here are four self-reflections for leaders that make a case for why they need to consider adopting AI, ML, and advanced analytics. 


What’s Next for CMOs in 2020?

by Lynn Capozzi, contributing writer for 

Due to rising customer expectations, the pressure is on to deliver more memorable customer experiences across touchpoints. CMOs are constantly looking for new ways to get insights into their customers, or put data to work in more efficient, innovative ways. Here are three ways that marketers will look to this year to build a better marketing strategy.



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