This week’s roundup dives into healthcare firms using historical data to identify high-cost patients, and how CarStory manages their inventory with the use of an AI-car tool. We also look at defining segmentation and finding satisfactory results within your business. Lastly, how predictive analytics can help you capitalize on available data to make smarter business choices.

Predictive Analytics with Claims Data Can Identify High-Cost Patients

By Jessica Kent, Assistant Editor for Health IT Analytics Xtelligent Healthcare Media  

Healthcare providers are using data on spending history, prescription drug coverage, age, and gender can help identify patients likely to be costly in the future. By analyzing and studying an individual’s health metrics over a seven-year period analysts are able to see which predictors determine whether or not a person is likely to incur high costs in the future.


CarStory Announces Appraise for Auto Dealers Using Predictive Analytics to Increase Profits

by Ethan Parker, Technology writer at

The auto industry is about to step into a new level of inventory management with the use of an AI-powered appraisal tool. The AI intelligence tool helps to predict inventory turn time and more.


Segmenting—Are You Doing it Right?

by Gary  Technology, Chief Operating Officer at

Segmentation is one of the many tools at a marketers disposal, and like any tool, it needs to be well built, well maintained, clear, and properly used in order to create compelling and satisfactory results. Gary COO at Lityx defines and dives into the elements that make up segmentation.


Predictive Analytics in 2018: What’s Possible, Who’s Doing It, and How

bDerek Gleason, Technology writer for

Many forward-thinking firms have heard the term “predictive analytics.” However, only recently have they started to scratch the surface to capitalize on existing data and use new cost-effective ways to analyze data. This article details the answers marketers can discover using predictive analytics—how to get started, and how to improve their business leveraging advanced analytics.



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