From manufacturing to eavesdropping on marine life, in this week’s round up see how ML and AI are being used in more creative ways than ever before.  

Fast-Tracking the Search for Energy-Efficient Materials With Machine Learning 

By Leda Zimmerman contributing writer for 

Born into a family of architects, Nina Andrejevic loved creating drawings of her home and other buildings while a child in Serbia. She and her twin sister shared this passion, along with an appetite for math and science. Over time, these interests converged into a scholarly path that shares some attributes with the family profession, according to Andrejevic, a doctoral candidate in materials science and engineering at MIT. 


Researcher pair drones, machine-learning against marine litter 

By Bruce Crumley, contributing writer for 

A project in support of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is pairing sensor-equipped drones with machine-learning applications in an effort to automate the identification and mapping of marine waste and create effective methods for its collection and disposal.  


Here’s how scientists are using machine learning to listen to fish 

By Katharine Gammon, contributing writer for 

As the sun rises over the island of American Samoa, a chorus of animal voices drifts upward. They’re not the calls of birds, though — the purrs, clicks and groans are coming from under the water. New research shows how automation can make it increasingly easy to eavesdrop on the fish making the sounds and uncover how their environment impacts them. 


Manufacturing Shifts To AI Of Things 

By John Koon, contributing writer for 

AI is being infused into the Internet of Things, setting the stage for significant improvements in manufacturing productivity, improved uptime, and reduced costs — regardless of market segment. 


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