Machine learning shows how each state of sleep contributes to learning and memory

By Andy Corbley, contributing writer for

Weird dreams may help the brain consolidate our experiences and learn from them, a new study has shown.


Six tips for manufacturers to tap AI and machine learning

By Khaled AlShami, contributing writer for

With manufacturers facing challenges including rampant inflation, supply chains issues, and geopolitical tensions, many are turning to machine learning (ML) solutions to help navigate the headwinds and boost their operations.


Achieving customer loyalty requires an investment in digital

By Michael Ringman, contributing writer for

As customer expectations evolve in step with our increasingly digital world, it’s becoming clear that the key driver of a positive brand experience is not the product.


Using artificial intelligence to control digital manufacturing

By Adam Zewe, contributing writer for

Scientists and engineers are constantly developing new materials with unique properties that can be used for 3D printing, but figuring out how to print with these materials can be a complex, costly conundrum.


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