Take these steps to maximize business value using AI. Plus, big data helps optimize customer’s demands and convert them into prospective purchasers. And AI to help energy giants reduce carbon emissions and help achieve a long-term goal.

How to Scale AI in Your Organization

By Manasi Vartak, contributing writer for Hbr.org

AI is no longer exclusively for digital native companies like Amazon, Netflix, or Uber. A recent index from Deloitte shows how companies across sectors are operationalizing AI to drive business value. Plus, Gartner a huge shift by the end of 2024 – which is where the real challenges begin.


How Big Data is Helping Advertisers Solve Problems

By Christena Garduno, contributing writer for Forbes.com

Big data is transforming the relationship between companies and customers. Analyzing large amounts of data for marketing purposes is not new, but recent advancements in big data technology have given advertisers powerful new ways of understanding consumers’ behaviors, needs and preferences.


AI can be fuel for sustainability goals at Shell

By Paula Rooney, contributing writer for CIO.com

Energy giants are under significant pressure by governments and consumers to reduce carbon emissions. For multinational oil and gas company Shell, AI may be a key catalyst for fulfilling that long-term goal.


Forget big data – do you know what wide data is?

By Anand Mahurkar, contributing writer for Smartindustry.com

Enterprise AI is a game changer in today’s data-driven world, and manufacturers are increasingly adopting AI to help improve business processes, transform products and business models.  However, to provide meaningful training data to ML applications, i.e., predictive analytics for optimal decision making, manufacturers must adopt the concept of wide data.


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