This week, we examine how digital transformation has transformed the role of IT. We hear about the trends and challenges in mass-market fundraising. We consider the value of data. We discuss why there is an invisible line between higher education and nonprofit fundraising. And finally, we learn how to market in the twenty-first century.

Digital Transformation Challenges IT Leaders

by John Edwards, contributing writer for

Digital transformation within organizations is also causing IT transformation. There is a shift underway. While once predominantly a support role, IT leaders are now being challenged more than ever and are turned to in order to achieve business outcomes. Tech disruption is uprooting traditional business practices while creating new responsibilities—and opportunities—for IT.


The Nonprofit Chatter Ep 11: Mass-Market Fundraising

Nhu Te and Taylor Shanklin for

In this podcast episode of the Nonprofit Chatter, Nhu Te, editor-in-chief of NonProfit PRO, and Taylor Shanklin, VP of marketing at Pursuant, are joined by Mikhaela Reid, marketing director at Doctors Without Borders, and Jennifer Bielat, EVP of client strategy at Pursuant. They discuss trends and challenges in mass-market fundraising. A must-listen on your next work commute.


Data, the Best Prime Day Deal of All

by Mark Floisand, contributing writer for 

During Prime Day, Amazon offered $10 in credit to individuals who grant permission for Amazon to access their data. This one promotional offer cost Amazon more than many companies’ entire marketing budgets. Which begs the question: how valuable is your data? This article examines this question and looks at how Amazon will use this data to provide more relevant offers and messaging through machine learning and AI—long after the promotion has ended. 


From Higher Ed to Nonprofit and Back Again

by Scott Koskoski, contributing writer for

There is a mysterious divide between those who fundraise in the higher education space and those who fundraise in the nonprofit space. Why is that? The key to success to a frontline fundraising position in either context isn’t the type of experience one has had. Donors are donors. Gift agreements are gift agreements. Events are events. Appeals are appeals. Databases are databases. So what is the key? Find out in this thoughtful article.


How To Market In The Twenty-First Century

by Kurt Cagle, contributing writer for

Marketing today is vastly different than it was a few decades ago. But despite this transition, there are a few things that continue to hold true. Brands should continue to be authentic, interesting, and honest. They should seek to speak to a highly specific, targeted niche. They should be smart, in both tactics implemented and technology used. And while these are still important today, the current landscape is vastly different. Dive deeper into this article to learn how to market in the twenty-first century.



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