A short week, so we’ll let you focus on two important articles that share a roadmap for getting the most value out of data and analytics across your organization.

5 ways to maximize the value of data analytics

By Bob Violino, contributing writer for CIO.com

It’s one thing to gather large amounts of data and apply analytics to it; lots of organizations are doing that. It’s another thing entirely to gain optimum business value from that data and analysis.


Getting the most from your data-driven transformation: 10 key principles

By Janice Zdankus and Anthony Delli Colli, contributing writers for Technologyreview.com

The importance of data to today’s businesses can’t be overstated. Studies show data-driven companies are 58% more likely to beat revenue goals than non-data-driven companies and 162% more likely to significantly outperform laggards. Data analytics are helping nearly half of all companies make better decisions about everything, from the products they deliver to the markets they target. Data is becoming critical in every industry, whether it’s helping farms increase the value of the crops they produce or fundamentally changing the game of basketball.


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