See how CFO’s are expanding their reach using Big Data.  Plus, predicting outcomes in agriculture and medicine using ML. And improving the well-being of people during times of volatility with AI. And lastly, enhance sales, save time and cut costs using these techniques.  

Companies must embrace Big Data and predictive analytics to maintain competitive advantage 

By Liz Salecka, contributing writer for 

CFOs should take the lead in harnessing corporate data for not only their own strategic decision-making but to expand their influence outside core finance functions, according to recent research by Deloitte. 


Machine learning uncovers ‘genes of importance’ in agriculture and medicine 

By New York University, contributors for 

Machine learning can pinpoint “genes of importance” that help crops to grow with less fertilizer, according to a new study published in Nature Communications. It can also predict additional traits in plants and disease outcomes in animals, illustrating its applications beyond agriculture. 


Managing Uncertainty With AI and Big Data Beyond the Pandemic 

By Suzette Kent, contributing writer for 

Throughout the global pandemic, people in every step of life were forced to interact with and rely on technology in new ways. Older generations adopted new habits like online grocery shopping, businesses quickly shifted to virtual meetings, and processes like vaccine distribution required a collaborative use of both AI and mass notification technology across all levels of government and industry. 


Navigating AI And Machine Learning: 13 Techniques To Boost Business 

By Expert Panel, contributors for 

Understanding the latest tools in AI and machine learning (ML) algorithms is what’s going to help you stay on top of your current customers’ behavior patterns, remain ahead of the changing marketplace trends and generate sales leads at a quicker pace.  


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