Predictive analytics offers different approach to driver safety training

By Angel Coker, contributing writer for

Early safety programs were reactive in nature. One driver gets a speeding ticket, and another has a backing accident. The result is all drivers get dragged into the training room to go over those issues. But now the industry has telematics and dash cameras with AI to help safety personnel target drivers based on their specific issues. Companies like Idelic are taking things a step farther with ML to help carriers not only mitigate accidents but potentially prevent them altogether, and predictive analytics is the key going forward.


Predictive analytics can help companies manage talent

By Kate Rockwood, contributing writer for

Crystal balls might not exist, but that doesn’t mean companies don’t have the ability to gaze into the future. Hidden among hiring choices, performance reviews and employee engagement surveys are patterns that can help employers make strategic, evidence-based decisions about the future. The trick is knowing how and where to look.


How data analytics and machine learning can transform your procurement processes

By Kyriakos Christodoulides, contributing writer for

By understanding the different types, and their relevance to procurement, leaders and professionals can make informed decisions that lead to more optimized processes and better outcomes.


How predictive analytics is changing the healthcare industry

By Bhock Thompson, contributing writer for

Welcome to the future of medicine, where predictive analytics is changing how we care for patients. With the help of new technology and machine learning algorithms, doctors can now use data-driven insights to predict and prevent diseases, find high-risk patients, and ensure each person gets the appropriate treatment.


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