In our first roundup of 2019, we share the top trends and changes agencies and marketers will see this year. Also, we feature articles regarding a shift to a programmatic marketing mindset with a focus on verification of third-party data. Lastly, it looks like the customer data platform (CDP) sector is on the rise. Read the roundup to find out more.

The 5 Biggest Marketing Trends For 2019

by Giselle Abramovich, Senior & Strategic Editor for 

In this new age of customer experience, a combination of data and creativity is going to set the leaders apart from the laggards; experts told They also pointed to a greater focus in 2019 on personalization, more immersive mobile experiences, and, in B2B, a companywide approach to strategic accounts. But that’s not all. Expect data-driven creativity will be a strategic differentiator in customer experience.


The Top 10 Changes to Come to Marketing and Technology According to Marketers

by Lisa Lacy, Tech Reporter for Adweek 

This past year was the year of General Data Protection Regulation, Facebook breaches, the decentralized web, and blockchain, to name a few. These topics will no doubt remain relevant in 2019. However, Adweek asked marketers how they see these themes evolving and what else they think is on the horizon. Read their top 10 predictions for data, ad tech, e-commerce and more in 2019.


The Programmatic Marketer’s 2019 Checklist

By Seb Joseph, Author for Digiday 

The new year provides excellent motivation for marketers to breathe fresh air into dated media strategies, or at least to ensure they’re not falling too far behind the curve. Digiday created a checklist to help advertisers ensure they’re braced for the ad-buying innovations and disruptions to come in 2019. One important strategy is the use of verified third-party-data.


Customer Data Platforms (CDP) Sector Grew 23%, Saw First Major Acquisitions in Second Half of 2018

by Barry Levine, Marketing Technology Author for Third Door Media featured on

For marketers, the customer data platform sector’s dynamism means that efforts to maintain an accurate record of customer data from all sources in a standalone tool or various components of existing platforms. The growth of CDPs with campaign tools, for instance, indicates that marketers will increasingly have the option of managing campaigns alongside a centralized, CDP-like data repository that can be used by other tools.


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