This week’s roundup looks at top trends in marketing analytics and marketing technology, overcoming some common impediments to analytics efforts, and how machine learning is revolutionizing marketing.

Marketing Analytics And Marketing Technology Trends To Watch

by Christine Moorman, Founder & Director of The CMO Survey, featured on Forbes

Among the top key trends relevant to Marketing Analytics and Marketing Technologies from the February 2018 CMO Survey: B2B-product companies leading the pack as the biggest spenders on marketing analytics, reliance on marketing analytics to make decisions will continue to increase, and the number of firms reporting the use of quantitative tools to demonstrate the impact of marketing spend has increased 28% over the last five years.


4 Ways Companies Impede Their Analytics Efforts

by Lisa Morgan, Big Data and BI Freelance Writer, featured on Information Week

Businesses in the race to become “data-driven” or “insights-driven” often face several disconnects between their vision of an initiative and their execution of it. Of course, everyone wants to be competitive, but there are several things that differentiate the leaders from the laggards. Part of it is weathering the growing pains that companies tend to experience, some of which are easier to change than others.


10 Ways Machine Learning Is Revolutionizing Marketing

by Louis Columbus, Principal at IQMS, featured on Forbes

Measuring marketing’s many contributions to revenue growth is becoming more accurate and real-time thanks to analytics and machine learning. Knowing what’s driving more Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs), Sales Qualified Leads (SQL), how best to optimize marketing campaigns, and improving the precision and profitability of pricing are just a few of the many areas machine learning is revolutionizing marketing.



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