The A-Z of AI: 30 terms you need to understand artificial intelligence

By Richard Fisher, contributing writer for

Artificial intelligence is arguably the most important technological development of our time – here are some of the terms that you need to know as the world wrestles with what to do with this new technology.


Breaking down the 4 types of healthcare big data analytics

By Shania Kennedy, contributing writer for

Big data analytics has become a hot topic as healthcare systems have transitioned to EHRs and begun pursuing digital transformation.


How AI is disrupting data analytics

By GlobalData Thematic Intelligence, contributing writers for

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a disruptive force, not only in the technology sector but across many verticals for some time. And it has only become more so since the emergence of generative AI in the mainstream, with the release of ChatGPT by OpenAI. Most tech companies are now developing their own generative AI offerings and a vast majority of businesses are exploring the opportunities it offers, as well as the risks it poses. Traditional data analytics vendors have been less vocal, yet disruption has been going on for years before the rise of ChatGPT.


Embracing machine learning: A paradigm shift in biotech’s future

By contributing writers for

In the dynamic landscape of biotechnology, the integration of machine learning is heralding a transformative era that promises to reshape our understanding of living matter and revolutionize the way we manipulate it. The next two decades are poised to witness a profound multidisciplinary and data-intensive approach to life sciences, propelling us towards remarkable advancements. Waiting on the sidelines is not an option, as the lack of data sophistication threatens to widen the gap between traditional biotech and data-driven startups.


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