Medical device security protections are becoming increasingly important. Adding AI to find consumer trends with more appealing marketing messages. Plus, using applied ML to achieve new levels of predictive intelligence. And finally, process manufacturing is seeing an increase in IIoT implementations, so what’s next with the data? 

The future of healthcare is dependent on securing AI-powered medical devices  

By Steeve Huin, contributing writer for 

As more connected medical devices are built on AI, cybersecurity risks will increase as well – and it’s more important than ever before for manufacturers to implement advanced security protections in the design phase to ensure the safety of healthcare organizations, providers and patients. 


The AI adman 

By Bryan Walsh, contributing writer for 

Marketing and advertising companies are increasingly using AI models to track trends and generate slogans.  


How Companies Can Get the Most Value Out of their Data  

By Peter Jeffcock, contributing writer for 

Most organizations know that there’s huge value in using business analytics to parse their data. But many are just starting to see how much more they can get by applying machine learning (ML) models to that same data.  


How to Apply Advanced Analytics for IIoT Implementations 

By Sean Tropsa, contributing writer for 

In the process manufacturing world, a significant increase in IIoT implementations has expanded organizations’ accessibility to both operational and equipment data. These projects gather ever more data, providing end users with more visibility into both historical and near real-time data from their operations in local and remote locations. 


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