Will ChatGPT Take Your Job?

By Brian Frederick, contributing writer for Searchenginejournal.com

ChatGPT has all the signs of being a technological game-changer. But will ChatGPT take your job?


Doctors, Get Ready for Your AI Assistants

By Eric Topol, contributing writer for Wired.com

In 2023, Radiologists in hospitals around the world will increasingly use medical images—which include x-rays and CT, MRI, and PET scans—that have been first read and evaluated by AI machines. Gastroenterologists will also be relying on machine vision during colonoscopies and endoscopies to pick up polyps that would otherwise be missed. This progress has been made possible by the extensive validation of “machine eyes”—deep neural networks trained with hundreds of thousands of images that can accurately pick up things human experts can’t.


How machine learning will transform the classroom

By Matthew Lynch, contributing writer for Thetechadvocate.org

Old-school educators are having difficulty adjusting to machines with the ability to think and learn. Trying to convince them that machine learning will revolutionize education frequently falls on deaf ears. They will, however, have to confront this new reality sooner or later.


Five Important Trends in Big Data Analytics

By Venkateshan Ramasubramanian, contributing writer for Entrepreneur.com

New-age technologies are almost entirely running the world today. Among these technologies, big data has gained significant traction. This concept is not new. What’s new is the extent to which big data analytics is being implemented by organizations worldwide and the growing number of professionals who are now specializing in the field.


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