This week, we learn how the need for natural language processing skills is on the rise for employers. In an effort to keep your donors giving, we share the donor retention toolkit. We examine what can be done now in preparation for artificial intelligence (AI) adoption within your organization. We consider what should be taken into account for nonprofit overhead ratios. And finally, we discuss the sale of data visualization company, Tableau, to Salesforce.

NLP, Machine Learning: Killer Combo for Unstructured Data

by Jessica Davis, contributor for

The demand for unstructured data analysis and natural language processing (NLP) skills are on the rise in the job market. But this skillset is a rare thing to find in an employee. Companies are looking for employees with modeling skills, an understanding of NLP techniques, and the ability to combine these and apply them to business problems. Learn about why the demand for NLP skills is on the rise.


Your Donor Retention Toolkit

by Pat Farrell, contributing writer for

Customer loyalty is crucial for any business. Do you know your donor retention rate? Are your donors making repeat donations? Is retention at the center of your marketing strategies? Learn the metrics to measure this important KPI. Also learn from fundraising expert, Pamela Grow, what it takes to turn your one-time donors into lifetime supporters. You’ll get detailed, actionable tactics and resources to immediately use in this helpful e-book.


Waiting for the AI Revolution? Don’t.

by Dejan Decklich, contributing writer for

AI went from concept to real-world practical application seemingly overnight. But some companies are slower to adopt than others. There is no one-size-fits-all solution to becoming AI-ready, but the building blocks for maximizing its value over the long term are already available. Here are a few things you can do to ensure you’re prepared.


The Nonprofit Overhead Controversy: What to Consider

by Aly Sterling, contributing writer for

Every nonprofit is challenged to make transformational change while spending significantly less than for-profit organizations on the same services. Donors are encouraged to measure effectiveness by looking at overhead ratios when what is needed is an honest conversation of success indicators and the actual cost of doing business. Consider your own ratio and how to effectively manage your overhead. There are a few questions that can help you. Learn what they are here.


Salesforce is Buying Data Visualization Company Tableau for $15.7B in All-Stock Deal

by Ingrid Lunden, writer for

Last week, Salesforce announced that they’re buying Tableau for $15.7 billion in an all-stock deal. This is big news, as it’s stepping up its own work in data visualization and tools to help enterprises make sense of the vast amount of data that they use and amass. It continues to diversify Salesforce beyond CRM software and into deeper layers of analytics and data intelligence.


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